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Arts, Culture and Humanities
Our arts, culture, and humanities sector bring the performing arts to the public; preserve and commemorate the events, places, and cultures that created and continue to shape the nation; and promote the distribution of ideas. They range from small historical initiatives to local theatrical venues that bring the arts into communities to promote local broadcasting services to local-access radio and TV.
Education and Research
The Empowerment Foundation promotes learning and intellectual development from middle to high school and adult learning programs. This sector also includes opportunities for students with behavioral needs, offering vocational and technical training, student organizations, and parent-teacher groups.   

We also focus on economics, social science; or interdisciplinary fields, such as black studies, ethnic studies, labor studies, and urban studies to promote community awareness.
Economic Development
Business incubators are facilities that provide small, entrepreneurial businesses with affordable space, shared support and business development services.  They can help young businesses during their start-up period when they are most financially vulnerable.  While not a panacea for a community’s economic struggles, incubators can provide a boost to small business and promote entrepreneurship. This sector of the foundation helps launch family businesses to create generational wealth and financial freedom.

Human Services
Our human service sector feed the hungry, provide job training, help people prepare for and recover from disasters, and offer programs to help youth mature into adults who contribute to society.  We aim to respond to the crisis needs for food, clothing, shelter, fuel, and medicine for families in local communities; and to help facilitate the provision of programs that will assist clients in the development of skills for independent living to reduce recurrence of crises.
Empowerment Worship Center is the religious organization supported by ECM. 

The center where worship to GOD produces SERVICE to community!

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