1. I confess God’s will over my finances this day, that I give the tithes of my increase and I claim the windows of heaven blessings for my life.

  2. I confess that my mind is alert and I hear Your voice and the voice of the stranger I will not follow.

  3. I command now doors of opportunity open for me, my family and Empowerment Worship Center.

  4. I have given to the poor, therefore, I will never lack.

  5. I will always have all sufficiency in all things as you are raising up others to use their power, their ability and their influence to help me.

  6. I expect daily for the Spirit of God to speak to men and women concerning giving to me, and in the name of Jesus those to whom the Spirit of God has designated are free to obey and give to me good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

  7. In Jesus' Name, I believe every need is met with heaven's best.

  8. I have given for the support of the work of God and those who teach His Word.

  9. You promised that You would supply all my need according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. So, I thank You Father, I live the best and enjoy the best in every area of my life.

  10. Father, Your Word said I can decree a thing because of my covenant vow with You for the kingdom of God in the earth.

  11. Now this is my decree:

    • Debt is disappearing.

    • Lack is leaving.

    • Poverty is fleeing.

    • Faith is increasing.

    • Money is multiplying.

    • Wealth is accumulating.

    • Generosity is growing.

  12. I thank You for wisdom and insight to bring my decrees to pass. You give me and my family richly all things to enjoy.

  13. Now, satan, I bind your activity in my life and I loose the angels, the ministering spirits of God to minister for me and bring in the necessary finances so that I may continue to finance the kingdom of God.

  14. Father, Your Word declares that my giving increases the fruits of my righteousness.

  15. I thank You Father, I have the abundance of peace, the abundance of joy, the abundance of patience, the abundance of temperance and the abundance of goodness.

  16. The maximum return on my giving is mine because I give to promote the Name of Jesus and the gospel in the earth.

 It is in Jesus’ name that I confess these truths over my life and my seed in generations to come